District Usage Policies



A. All users shall complete an electronic application which is available via the District web site. All applications shall be submitted electronically, a minimum of two (2) calendar weeks before such use is requested. The two (2) week notice does not guarantee facility availability as some events may require additional lead-time to make all necessary arrangements.

B. The application process shall specify all facilities and equipment requested and the date(s) and time(s) requested. The adult person(s) representing the user shall be held responsible for enforcing all rules and regulations under which a permit is granted. School officials or their designee will at all times have full authority to enforce proper and safe conduct of all persons and activities on school property.

C. If approval for use of a facility has been given and a school activity needs to be scheduled at that date/time, access to the facility may be cancelled. All approvals are subject to cancellation if the activity requires custodians, lifeguards, etc., and appropriate staff is not available.

D. Hold Harmless Clause

The applicant shall agree to save and hold free and harmless, the School District, its officers, agents, and employees, from and against all claims, demands, loss, liability, cost, or expense of any kind or nature whatsoever which the School District, its officers, agents or employees, or any of them may sustain or incur, or that may be imposed upon any of them, or injury to, or death of, persons or damages to property arising out of, connected with, or attributable to the rental, use, and occupancy of the school facility as provided herein.

E. No user will be allowed access to a District facility without providing the Business Office proof of liability insurance in the minimum amount of $1,000,000.00 for the time period the facility use is requested. The proof of liability insurance will name the District as an insured party.

F. Users shall be held fully responsible for damage to District facilities incurred in relationship to their use of the facilities, whether intentional or unintentional, whether by authorized attendee(s) or unauthorized attendee(s) to their event. Failure to pay for damages will result in denial of further building use.

G. Users shall be restricted to the area(s) designated on the facility use permit and circulation area necessary to its use. Access to all other areas is not allowed. Person(s) found in other areas of the building may cause the program to be discontinued, at the District's discretion.

H. No permit holder shall be allowed to sublet the facilities to another person or organization.

I. Any user that charges fees for attendees to attend their activity, to recover part or all of their expenses, may be subject to fees by the District to recover part or all of the District's expenses related to that activity, or to generate additional revenue for the District, regardless of fee schedules.

J. Certified lifeguard supervision is required when using the pool based on the number of participants. No single individual may use the pool at anytime.

K. No alcoholic beverages and/or illegal controlled substances shall be consumed, sold, given, or delivered on School District property. Violation may cause the program to be discontinued.

L. Smoking or the use of tobacco products is prohibited on School District property.

M. Persons or organizations shall not be allowed to move or rearrange furniture or equipment.

N. No unauthorized methods of obtaining funds, including any form of gambling are permitted in/on District facilities.

O. A school custodian shall be on duty whenever a facility is being used except as exempted by the District. Food-service personnel shall be required when kitchen use is required or kitchen equipment is used. The renting group will pay the appropriate rates (with a minimum charge of two (2) hours if scheduled outside of regular hours).

P. Caterers must furnish dishes and other dining utensils.

Q. All users of District facilities are REQUIRED to keep District buildings locked during their activity/use and to supervise access to the building to ensure that only participants in/or attendees to their activity gain entrance to the building. When two (2) or more events are taking place at the same time in a building, each/all groups must supervise the entry(s) and take responsibility for only allowing entrance to participants or attendees to their activities. Supervision shall include not allowing participants or attendees to block or momentarily hold open the door(s) for their own or others re-entry.

R. Storage of users' equipment and/or supplies shall not be allowed on school property without prior written approval from the District. Payment of fees for storage and/or transport may be required of the user.

S. Fees may be charged to the user in the event the user fails to show up for the scheduled activity and does not notify of cancellation.

T. Pay phones are not available at any District facility. It is recommended that the facility user carry a cell phone for emergency purposes.

U. All conditions and situations not covered in these guidelines shall be handled by the District Administrator or designee in a manner that is consistent with the spirit and intent of related policies established by the Board of Education.

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