• G21: Greenfield's 21st Century Abilities to Equip Students for Success

    In the summer of 2016 members of Greenfield School Community worked with Greg Curtis, an international educational specialist who focuses on global competencies students need for success, as well as helping school communities identify, define and assess these areas. As a result of this work, We have arranged the original 21 abilities into seven (broader) categories.

    Here are the seven:





    The ability to see things in new ways or produce something new, whether tangible or intangible


    The imparting or exchange of information, ideas and/or emotions in a variety of situations and for multiple purposes and audiences, and across multiple media


    Working with another or a group in order to achieve a common goal

    Critical Thinking

    Identify patterns/relationships, make generalizations, identify exceptions and evaluate claims; arrive at opinions, conclusions and/or take action

    Self-Directed Learning

    Use of independent initiative, responsibility and feedback to guide learning and growth

    Global Competence

    Considering a situation as it relates to the rest of the world within economic, social, cultural and/or political contexts


    A sense of health, happiness and prosperity; both within self and with others

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*(The 21st Century Abilities Needed for Career, College and Life Readiness)

Throughout a Greenfield student’s K4-12 education, he or she will show evidence of:

1.     Creativity
2.     Innovation
3.     Collaboration
4.     Design Thinking
5.     Aesthetic  Response (Artistic Impression)
6.     Community-mindedness
7.     Insights into Learning (styles, intelligences, strategies, etc.)
8.     Initiative / Entrepreneurship
9.     Global Perspective
10.   Citizenship
11.   Curiosity and Imagination
12.  Financial Literacy
13.  Perseverance/Grit
14.  Inquiry Process: Accessing, Analyzing, Interpreting, and Acting  
15.  Problem Solving
16.  Communication (oral, written, visual, listening)
17.  Self-awareness /Informed and Equipped for Next Steps (career, life)
18.  Leadership
19.  Adaptability/nimbleness
20.  Decision Making
21.  Health and Wellness