German NHS Holds Induction/Promotion Ceremony

On March 1st, the German National Honor Society inducted the following new members and continuing members received their next level pins:

**New Members:
Justin Ceretto (10)
McKenzie Collier (11)
Benjamin Davis (11)
Eric Effinger (10)
Marcel Kas (10)
Joanie Kierzek (10)
Paige Kowalewski (10)
Katlin Kranich (11)
Jason Nagorski (10)
Audrey O’Brien (10)
Rebecca Posig (10)
Ashley Sawdy (10)
Danijela Skiljevic (10)
Audrey Socha (11)
Stephanie Taddey (10)
Nikole Weston (11)
Chloe Witthuhn (10)
Megan Zunker (11)

**Second Year Members:
Andrew Braatz (12)
Rachel Butargabe (11)
Delaney Crous (11)
Lindsay Hetzel (11)
Danielle Hoffman (11)
Julia Olson (11)
Conor Penneau (11)
Laila Sabha (11)
Amanda Sawdy (12)
Emily Szymanski (11)
Karlee Weber (11)

**Third Year Members:
Kellie Effinger(12)
Kyle Jablonski (12)
Karina Polacek (12)
Cory Walloch (12)
Christopher Wayne (12)

The following students were unable to attend and will be inducted or receive their next level pins at a later date.
Samuel Mendoza (10) – New Member
Shelly Ladwig (11) – Second Year Member
Kyle Jablonski (11) – Third Year Member

In addition to the induction, Frau Beier (German teacher at GMS) and Jacob Bradford (Class of 2014) collaborated to deliver a special presentation. Jacob and one of his university classmates prepared a videotaped speech from Freiburg, where they are studying for the year. They shared their experiences with German beyond high school and encouraged students to continue their language study and study abroad.

Rachel Butargabe recited the poem Meleken an der Elbe bei Brokdorf by Wolf Biermann. Emily Szymanski led and all GNHS students joined in the recitation of the poem Erlebnis by Josef Guggenmos. This was a poem they fondly remember from middle school. Karina Polacek and Danielle Hoffman sang Die Lorelei. Lastly, a group of 11 Greenfield students and their teacher danced a Sauerländler dance.

Thank you to Mr. Thusius for delivering the welcome and attending, the students in ROTC who presented the colors, the Greenfield Middle School German students who served cake and punch following the ceremony, Jackie Neuman for her technical assistance in the PAC, Carrie Effinger for taking pictures, and the custodial staff for helping up set up. Thank you to all who helped and attended.

GHS German teacher Carley Goodkind says, "It was truly a beautiful evening of celebrations, language and culture."
#Glückwünsche #congratulations